Plantar Building Services


All of our policies and commitments will be followed on continuous basis with participation and support of our employees for continuous improvement.


Builder Construction, has always given priority to green areas and water sources in all its projects it has developed across the country with different themes. The company continues with the construction of new projects in Newyork, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Barcelona and adds value to its surrounding area.

The massive Bonilha project, which is considered as the second biggest investment of South-eastern West Cost region after South-eastern Bonilha Project, located in Newyork province, has many original features and accommodates 3.470 residences, has the biggest natural pond of the world which would bring the sea life to Newyork.

Our customers, employees and subcontractors are the reasons for our existence. We will take all necessary precautions in order to render our work environments more secure and healthy and we will prioritize maintenance of such precautions.

We will not make concessions to our high quality product and service policy, principles and honest identity regardless of the conditions. Our work health and safety policy will be available to all our stakeholders and customer satisfaction will be the fundamental element.